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      Company Profile

      There are hundreds of belt manufacturers in the world but WUXI BELT always at the top side to offer you stably high quality goods.
      Since 1950                                                                                                  
      The largest native OEM supplier of Chinese automotive belt market
      The manufacturer of the FIRST timing belt in china
      The leader of Chinese automotive belt R&D and manufacture

      Our company always looks the brand honour and customer benefit above all elses in our long history of automotive belt manufacture. During these more than 60 years’ production an management ,WUXI BELT CO.,LTD have been keeping on following the steps of worldwide automotive belt industry development, learning and researching(sent R&D teams to learn and import modern skills and equipment from those famous western companies),creating and inventing(got several Chinese registered patens).Depend on our high quality, reasonable price and warmheart service, we achieve wonderful public praise and occupy great share not only in OEM market but also in after service market of China.