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Timing Belt Error Parts Analysls
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1.Foreign objects in the transmission system
2.Corroded by fluids, oil or other things
3. Hit by other auto parts
4.Pretension too high
5.Belt crimped before using

1.Take out the foreign objects, check all the components for damaging, if the damaged is serious, pls change the belt with the damaged parts together
2.Eliminate the leaks if they are in this system, clean every parts, pls change the belt
3.To check whether every parts of this system are in their right position, correct their location then change the belt 4.Correct tensile strength then change the belt 5.Change the belt and confirm the belt is not crimped before or while fitting


ERROR ATTITUDE: One edge abrade  
1.Pulleys not parallel or offset: belt running off or even out of the flange
2.One pulley flange is error
3.Play in component bearings SOLUTIONS:
1.Check the parallel rate of the pulleys and change the belt
2.Exchange the error idler or tension pulleys into the qualified one and change the belt


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