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      Row Edged V Belt Parts Analysls Poly V Belt Error Parts Analysls Timing Belt Error Parts Analysls

      Timing Belt Error Parts Analysls
      Time:2015-03-09 22:29:42    Click:    Author:admin

      1-2.jpg   ERROR ATTITUDE: Teeth root fabic abrade
      1.Tensile strength is set too high
      2.Timing belt pulley moving while running
      3.Belt overload or the transmission power is higher than design SOLUTIONS:
      1.Correct the tensile strength and change a new belt
      2.Change a qualified pulley and change a new belt
      3.Choose a right width belt
      1-3.jpg ERROR ATTITUDE: Crack on belt back
      1.The temperature is too high
      2.The idler seized/tight reversed cause the belt back overhead 3.Lifetime exceeded SOLUTIONS:
      1.When we are using the HNBR timing belt we need to improve the head radiadtion
      2.Change idler and belt, chrck whether the nee idler can rotate freely 3.Change the belt
      1-4.jpg ERROR ATTITUDE: Teeth shear from the belt body
      2.The temperature is too high
      3.Oil or fluids on the belt
      4.Tensile strength too high or too low
      5.Other parts hit the belt
      1.Correct the tension pulley’s tensile strength
      2.When we are using the HVBR timing belt we need to improve the heat radiation
      3.Eliminate the leaks and change a new belt
      4.Take our the foreign objects