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      Row Edged V Belt Parts Analysls Poly V Belt Error Parts Analysls Timing Belt Error Parts Analysls

      Poly V Belt Error Parts Analysls
      Time:2015-03-09 22:30:12    Click:    Author:admin

      ERROR ATTITUDE: Snapped
      1.Tension strength is extremely too high
      2.Foreign part coming into the transmission system or other parts of this system is error or not in the right position
      1.Correct the tensile strength, check the pulley parallel then change the belt
      2.Take out the foreign parts and correct the position of each part in this system, change the belt
      ERROR ATTITUDE: One edge worn up
      1.The pulley not parallel, one edge worn by the flange
      2.The belt have serious flapping while running
      3.Puller error
      1.Correct the parallel rate of the pulleys and change the belt
      2.Correct the tensile strength and change the belt
      3.Exchange the error pulleys into the qualified ones and change the belt