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      Row Edged V Belt Parts Analysls Poly V Belt Error Parts Analysls Timing Belt Error Parts Analysls

      Poly V Belt Error Parts Analysls
      Time:2015-03-09 22:30:12    Click:    Author:admin

      2-2.jpg 2-3.jpg
      ERROR ATTITUDE: Cracks
      1.Belt tension too low or too high
      2.Belt working with the too high temperature
      3.Belt lifetime exceeded
      1.Change the belt and correct the tensile strength
      2.Check whether the fan function well and tight ancillary components and change the belt
      3.Change a new belt


      ERROR ATTITUDE: Rib shape error
      1.Pulley ribs’ height incorrect
      1.Choose the qualified pulley and belt together



      ERROR ATTITUDE: Ribs separated from the belt body
      1.Foreign objects(small stones) cutting the belt
      2.The pulley not parallel, belt running out off the flange
      3.Pulley ribs’ height incorrect
      1.Remove the foreign objects and change the pulley and belt
      2.Check the parallel rate of the pulleys
      3.Choose the qualified pulley and belt together