CGS, Intelligent cycle grouting system

CGS, Intelligent cycle grouting system

In the modern highway construction, there are more and more pre-stressed bridges. The quality of pre-cast beam is the key of bridge construction. Because the pre-cast beam’s pre-stressing is not accurate and pipe grouting is not compacted in traditional construction, KATTOR technical team researched and developed the advanced technology of intelligent tensioning and large circle grouting for pre-stress beam, changed artificial factors in traditional construction, such as oral communication during operation, quality check by eyes, manual data record and so on. Through wireless sensing technology, computer control, standardized operation in whole construction process, Ensure stability of pre-stressed beam, improve the safety and durability of beam structure.


Working principle



Continuous circulation of full slurry ensure the air is completely discharged from the pipes.
Control pressure and adjust flow accurately.
Control water-binder ratio accurately.
Grouting two holes one time, High speed slurrying, high efficiency.
Standardized mixing time.
Wireless controlling and monitoring.
High integration system, simple and easy for operation.

CGS is composed of slurry-making system, grouting system, measuring and controlling system, cycle loop system. Cycle loop system composed of pre-stress pipe,slurry making machine,grouting pump, Slurry is circulating continuously to discharge air completely in the pipe, detect pipe blockage in time, then increase pressure to flush pipe hole, ensure compacted grouting.
Equipped with precise sensors in the pipe inlet and outlet, to real-timely monitor and feedback pressure to system mainframe for analysis and judgment, measuring and controlling system adjust pressure accordingly, ensure grouting process meets indicators of construction technical specification, such as slurry quality, pressure value, pressure holding time, to achieve full and compacted grouting.
According to the stability of pressure difference between slurry inlet and outlet within a certain time, system mainframe can judge the fullness and compactness of pipe.


Comparison item Traditional grouting CGS
Discharge air in pipe Traditional grouting exhaust air by natural slurry flow, vacuum grouting can not reach real negative pressure because of sealing anchor problem. Continuous circulation of full slurry ensure the air is completely discharged from the pipes.
Pressure value and pressure holding time Unstable pressure at the slurry outlet, and cause uncompacted grouting. Automatically adjust the pressure, ensure pressure value and holding time within the specified requirements.
Control Manual control of water-adding is not strict, water-binder ratio is not accurate. Automatic water-adding device ensure the accuracy of water usage and water-binder ratio.
Test actual pressure in pipe Low position inlet and high position outlet, can not stop during grouting process, operation is difficult. Closed circulation loop solve these problems, simple technology, easy to operate.
Work efficiency Grouting one hole one time. Grouting two holes one time double work efficiency.
Data Record Manual record, unavoidable error. Automatic record whole grouting process.
Quality management Difficult to understand the real quality conditions and grouting compactness. quality tracing for better understanding of the whole grouting process, improve management level.