ILS-Series, Incremental Launching System

ILS-Series, Incremental Launching System

KATTOR ILS is a set of professional equipment applied in the lifting, movement and positioning in heavy-duty engineering field. This system is capable of controlling the displacement of multi-supports on bridges and other similar girder structures, achieving precise positioning on horizontal correction, vertical lifting and longitudinal pushing. ILS system is the best integrated and efficient solution to bridge projects adopting incremental launching method.


Product structures

Working Principle





  • Automatic control

Computer centralized control of the movement on horizontal, vertical and longitudinal directions.
Automatic achieving precise positioning on horizontal correction, vertical lifting and longitudinal pushing after setting parameters.

  • High accuracy

Synchronous accuracy of less than 1mm can be ensured between all action points.

  • Flexible adaptability

Multi-points synchronous action in difficult application conditions, such as long-span and super-heavy objects through the flexible combinations of pump stations and cylinders.

  • Easy operation

Touch screen and intuitive human-machine interaction interface proffering easy and convenient operation.
Modularized design, easy for on-site assembly, operation and management.

  • Safety and reliability

Network response mechanism permits no deviation in case of any network problems.
The entire system will suspend working if any pump station or cylinder monitored in the network fails.

KATTOR ILS system consists of mechanical system, hydraulic system and PLC controlling system. ILS system has a built-in gliding plane, effectively decreasing the friction during launching process, relieving of excessive horizontal load on bridge piers and realizing self-balancing operation. Additionally, it can also extremely save gliding beam cost, considerably improve construction efficiency and effectively ensure safety.

Mechanical system

Converting hydraulic energy into mechanical energy, this system is applied to launch heavy objects to specified position. It has superior advantages in synchronicity and stability. Additionally, product size and load capacity can be customized based on practical conditions.


Hydraulic system

Integrated hydraulic system provides power for hydraulic cylinder movement in three dimensions. It is characterized by compact structure, reasonable layout, and simple operation.


PLC system

PLC system provides centralized control on the main pump stations and all cylinders. In practical application, this system can dynamically display the position of all lifting points and ensure highly-accurate displacement. Meanwhile, it is able to monitor the operation state, raise alarms and take emergency measures when any failure occurs.


The basic idea of incremental launching method is to prefabricate the superstructure segments in a casting yard which is located behind the bridge abutment. Each segment is assembled and connected to the previous superstructure. The increasing bridge is then launched forward step by step to the final position.

Basic launching procedures are illustrated as following:

Step 1 — Lifting

Start vertical-direction (Z) cylinders synchronously until superstructures away from bearing


Step 2 — Pushing 

Start longitudinal-direction (Y) cylinders for one full stroke


Step 3 — Lowering

Start lowering vertical-direction (Z) cylinders until they are away from superstructures


Step 4 — Retracting

Start return stroke of longitudinal-direction (Y) cylinders to original position, and begin the next reciprocating process


Model Direction Load
Capacity (T)
Velocity (mm/min) Working
Pressure (MPa)
Cylinder Effective Area (c㎡)
Pushing Retracting
500T ILS
Z 500 x 2 200 12 36 70 755
Y 80 x 1 1000 100 200 25 314
X 50 x 2 100 50 120 70 78.5
Model name Picture Product features Parameters Need Qty
ILS cylinder ilsmark001 3D and 6 directions movement. Customization is available. High load capacity Good adaptability Wide application.

Longer longitudinal stroke

Load capacity:100-1000Ton Vertical stroke:0-300mm Horizontal stroke:0-200mm Accuracy of full stroke: 1.0mm 2,4 pcs
Power and controlling system ils003 Compact design,small size, light weight, overload, overheating and electric leakage protection.l Corrosion resistant coating. Base on PLC and windows system, human- machine interaction interface.l Communication bus control. Input voltage: 220V, 380V.Maximum Operating Pressure: 700barOil capacity: 300 LWeight: 1.5 –2.0 tWorking point: 2~99Synchronous accuracy: 2mmPositioning accuracy: 1mm 1set
Sensor Sensor High precision pressure and displacement sensor, Collect and send electronic signals to controller Rated Pressure: 35~100MpaAccuracy: 0.25%.Output current 4~20mA 4,8 set
Cable Cable LC, TLC series cable. Stable signal transmission. Fast plug connector, Length can be customized. Length: 5, 10m, customized. 2,4 set
Hose Hose PU coating for corrosion resistant. Including Fast connector and dust cap. Max. bearing pressure: 70MPa. Dia.: 6.4, 9.7mm Length: 18m 2,4 set

Project name: Dongting Lake Railway Bridge
Location: Yueyang City, Hunan Province

Project Profile:
Dongting Lake Railway Bridge locates in Yueyang City, Hunan Province, spanning Dongting Lake and Xiangjiang River at the junction of Yangtze River, is the key control project of Menghua Railway. With total length of 10,445m and main-bridge length of 1,250m, it is the first three tower cable stayed railway bridge in the world. The construction period is 5 years, and expected completion time is in 2018.


The side-span of bridge at bottomland, steel box girders cannot be transported to bridge site. In addition, this projects has requirement on river navigation and the number of temporary piers is limited.

KATTOR engineering technicians, after repeated on-site exploration and demonstration, finally nailed down the following solution: The steel box girders were erected by 300t crane and launched from main-span to side-span. During construction process, the first steel box girder was launched forward for 14m by KATTOR ILS system.   Then the launching nose of 42m was installed by tower crane and floating crane. Followed by hoisting and assembling the remaining steel beams, the whole segment was pushed forward for 14m. After assembly of every section by repeating, the launching nose reached pier #1, then remove launching nose and continue assembly and push box girder forward until the 19th girder reached to designated position.

Applied product: KATTOR ILS system

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