RSM-Series, Ultra-thin Hydraulic Cylinder

RSM-Series, Ultra-thin Hydraulic Cylinder

Compact and flat design for use where most other cylinders will not fit
Handles available on RSM-750/1000/1500 cylinders
Mounting holes easy for fixturing
Baking enamel paint surface to increase corrosion-resistance ability
Hard chrome plated on high quality steel plungers
Grooved plunger ends require no saddles
All models include CR-400 quick connector and dust cap


External Size



Internal structures:结构剖面图
Plunger end sealing ring 活塞杆防尘密封圈
Anti-corrosion treatment on surfaces 防腐蚀表面处理
Type O sealing ring and guide circle O型密封圈与支撑环
Heavy duty retract spring 重载回退弹簧
Steel retaining nut 钢制止动螺母
Self-alignment saddle plunger end 自位鞍座球面活塞杆端