SLS-Series, Intelligent Synchronous Lifting System

SLS-Series, Intelligent Synchronous Lifting System

KATTOR, based on its advanced technology in hydraulic equipment and many years’ experience in construction engineering, has researched and developed its Intelligent Synchronous Lifting System (SLS), which integrates computer controlling technology and unique performances of hydraulic equipment. This SLS system provides a more dependable, efficient and customized solution for those working conditions requiring lifting, lowering and leveling movements.


Working principle



  • Accurate control

SLS system capable of setting up, controlling and monitoring the pressure and displacement of each lifting point respectively;
Synchronous accuracy of less than 1mm can be ensured between all action points
Beam lowering has the same accuracy with lifting process.

  • Flexible adaptability

One module to control 2, 4, 6 lifting points, max. 99 modules in one PLC system
Additional oil tanks can be added on each modular unit to improve oil capacity
Compatible with both single and double acting cylinders
Synchronous lifting for bridges with long-distance, large-span and multiple piers, and other complicated projects

  • Easy operation

Quick connectors applied on PLC controlling system, hydraulic pumps and all related attachments;
Touch screen and intuitive human-machine interaction interface proffering easy and convenient operation;

  • Safety and reliability

Automatically record, store and feedback of operation data, dynamically monitor and display the position of all lifting points.
System secured with warning and stopping functions when deviation happens


1.PLC controller
2.Hydraulic pump
3.Hydraulic hose
4.Hydraulic cylinders
6.Displacement sensor
7.Solenoid electric valve
8.Pressure sensor

Model name Picture Product features Parameters Need Qty
SLS cylinders slsmark001 Single or double acting Loading capacity can be customized Groove saddle available Rated pressure: 70Mpa; Load capacity 10-1200Ton Vertical stroke 0-300mm Stroke: 50-600mm  2,4,6 pcs
Power and controlling system slsmark002 Compact design,small size, light weight, overload, overheating and electric leakage protection.l Corrosion resistant coating. Base on PLC and windows system, human- machine interaction interface.l Communication bus control. Input voltage: 220V, 380V.Maximum Operating Pressure: 700barOil capacity: 300 LWeight: 1.5 –2.0 tWorking point: 2~99

Synchronous accuracy: 2mm

Positioning accuracy: 1mm

Sensor Sensor Collect and send electronic signals to controller Each lifting point equipped with one displacement sensor Range: 300-2000mmAccuracy: 1%Output current: 4-20mA 4,8 set
Cable Cable Stable signal transmission. Fast plug connector, Length can be customized. Length: 5, 10m, customized. 2,4 set
Hose Hose Thermoplastic hose and steel wire braid layer High pressure-resistant coefficient, high safety PE coating with oil-proof and aging-resistant ability Rated pressure: 70MPa. Dia.: 6.4, 9.7mm Length: 6-18m 2,4 set

Application fields
Bridge bearings replacement and maintenance
Lifting and repositioning of bridge superstructure
Lowering of heavy-duty objects and structures
Lifting and lowering of heavy equipment during installation and maintenance
Lifting, leveling and lowering of buildings

Project name: Hefei-Fuzhou Railway Tongling Yangtze Bridge
Project profile:

The length of Tongling Yangtze Bridge is about 6000m, It’s a new key project of Hefei- Fuzhou passenger railway. It was composed of north approach bridge, river-crossing main bridge and south approach bridge. The main bridge is a highway-railway bridge, under-layer designed quadruple track railway, upper layer designed six-lane highway. Tongling Yangtze bridge is a two tower five span steel truss girder bridge, the full length of girder is 1290m, steel truss main girder use N glyph truss, totally 86 internodes and 45 hoisting segments, the max weight of single piece is 366 tons, north shore steel girder side-span use KATTOR CSS to build, main tower steel girder use double cantilever to build.

Project challenges:

The construction project was built in the narrow part of Yangtze river, and the construction period is in flood season, how to solve the working condition of deep foundation, river-way narrow, rapid flow and so on complex terrain.

The length of main span is about 630 meters, create a world most of same type highway-railway dual-purpose cable-stayed bridge, should adopt what kind of technical solution to shorten the construction period, finish steel girder erection.

Synchronous lifting equipment how to ensure the safety of steel truss girder structure during the process of girder lifting and lowering.

After lots of technical exchange between KATTOR R&D team and construction builder, based on incremental launching method and the terrain differences of both shore, KATTOR designed different solution for north and south shore construction: south shore side-span adopted all launching; north shore side-span adopt partial launching for the part on shore. South shore adopted three kinds of cylinders with 650 tons, 800 tons, 1000 tons which have hydraulic self-locking function, intelligently remote control multi cylinder synchronous lifting and lowering by KATTOR SLS, implement lifting, lowering, remain with load safely.

Applied products: