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      Beijing introduced the first electric vehicle charging stations at the end of the first run standard
      Time:2015-03-10 10:06:55    Click:    Author:admin

      On the "Third New Energy Automobile Development Forum" held last weekend, the Beijing Quality Supervision Bureau official said, the city has been in the lead in the development of a standard electric car charging stations, proposed the construction of charging stations in the city election The basic function of the site requirements and charging station, charging station charging stations constitute and shall comply with the technical requirements, specifically the construction and acceptance criteria for charging stations to ensure that the city before the end of the year to have a number of new and expanded into a charging station operations.
      According to reports, before the end of this year, the city will have 300 electric buses and 1000 cars electric sanitation officially put into use, as well as pure electric taxi demonstration operations. To make these electric vehicles can continue operating together to achieve industrial-scale operations, and in the near future really into millions of households, convenient, safe and reliable charging stations is essential.
      June this year, the city set up the electric car industry working group, involving various industry authorities and related to the development of electric vehicle industry, manufacturing enterprises in Beijing electric car industry chain, research institutions engaged in electric vehicle research and testing work, universities and experts coming to bear charging station construction units and industry to discuss charging stations, more than 10 specific criteria charging pile, car charger, power supply system, charge metering.
      According to city planning, energy supply and security of the electric car will slow charging pile, multi-mode fast charging stations and battery replacement stations together, of which, slow charging pile will be mainly residential area and office building in the parking lot inside, the use of in-vehicle charging equipment for charging; fast charging stations will be built along the highway, gas stations, etc., used to quickly fill power. Battery replacement station uses battery replacement equipment, quick-change battery and have a quick charge function.
      According to the city's standards, a charging station must be composed of three or three above-board charger and AC composition, they not only provide a charging or battery replacement service for electric vehicles, and to be able to in the process of charging the charging machine power monitor the status of battery charging stations can charge only, you can also replace the battery. Standard service capacity according to the charging station is divided into four levels, which store energy level power charging station is not less than 6800 kilowatts hours, or one-way distribution capacity of not less than 5000 kilowatts per day for more than 200 large commercial vehicles and passenger services.