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      With the Beijing government blocked the moratorium on new open record companies Car
      Time:2015-03-10 10:07:23    Click:    Author:admin

      According to "Beijing Daily" news, the Beijing Municipal Traffic Commission transportation management department on the 29th has issued a moratorium with car rental companies filed notice opened. The Transportation Commission Transportation Management department is also studying the draft, "the number of small passenger car leasing Beijing to control the implementation of the Interim Measures," Beijing will ease traffic congestion as supporting measures.
      According to "Beijing Interim Provisions regulating the number of small passenger cars" (the "Regulations"), the 2011 Beijing total amount of small passenger indicators 240,000 (an average of 20,000 per month). Personal credit index 88%, operating small passenger cars accounted for 2%, other units accounted for 10%. Among them, the operation of passenger cars, including taxis, rental cars, coach cars, etc., they will work together to enjoy the 48,000 licenses indicators, but the specifics of how the distribution will be clear in the introduction of the new provisions.
      After the Beijing government blocked the release of the New Deal, Car is regarded as the alternative to the car, the car rental market thus once promising, now suspended newly opened rental companies, could further exacerbate the contradiction between supply and demand. Reporters said that currently the country has only about 20 of more than 300 car rental companies.
      China Auto Rental, president Lu Zhengyao Prior to the wealth of new media, "New Century" magazine said that although the car rental industry is still in its early stages of development, but the explosive growth of the industry has reached a critical point. By 2015, the entire rental market is expected to reach 500,000.
      However, senior vice president of China Auto Rental Yao Hongjun told the media that the government blocked the New Deal itself to the car rental business is a good news, but for the car rental company's own development is still relatively confused. "Because the car rental companies are also within the scope of the wave number, and we want a taxi, bus share 2% of the share. In the long run, it is difficult to meet the development needs, we hope that the authorities can support the development of the car rental business. "
      At present, China has more than 2,000 vehicles in Beijing cars. In November, China Auto Rental has spent 600 million yuan by the end of 6000 a new operational procurement vehicles to car ownership in the country reached 12,000 units.