Double Drum Tractors and Winches

Double Drum Tractors and Winches

Double drum winch is used to lift and lower heavy-duty materials and equipments.
The main shaft device uses the elastic structure drum, in order to ensure the bear stress evenly. The disc brake is the type cylinder with flexible motion, and not greasy the brake disc; the hydraulic pressure station use second grade brake time delay, and can automatically remove at the wellhead; the double-drum hoist has radial tooth clutch. There are all kinds of necessary protections and interlocking devices for the electrical equipment.



Basic Info

1.High versatility
2.Compact structure
3.Small volume, lightweight, convenience in using and transferring
4.Driving stably
5.Very light noise
6.With big drum rope capacity to make you a wide range of choice for the lifting height or   pulling length.
7.Adjustable lifting or pulling speed for different usage environment.
8.This kind of electric wire rope winch can be applied to the lifting or pulling operating in construction water conservancy, forestry, mining and quay places etc…

Model NO.: 2JK10-04
Type: Winch
Power Source: Electric
Sling Type: Cable
Certification: ISO9001: 2000