General Gantry Crane ME50

General Gantry Crane ME50

Model NO.: ME50 + 15 – 24 (5 + 5)/12 (-30) A7
Type: Gantry Crane
Sling Type: Wire Rope
Power Source: Electric
Certification: ISO9001: 2000
Capacity: 32Ton
Span: 30m
Height: 20m
Lifting Speed:  12m/min




(1) Reasonable structure for less costing and maintenance.
(2) Favorable performance to improve your working capacity.
(3) Smooth starting and stopping, humanization design.
(4) Low noise, commodious cabin and wide view, easy for operation.
(5) Reliable electric parts to ensure the crane safety in operation.

Safety device:
(1) Weight overload protection device
(2) Lifting height limit device
(3)Low Voltage protection function
(4) Phase sequence protection function
(5) Emergency stop function

Control method:
(1) Pendent line control
(2) Remote control
(3) Cabin control
(4) Choose any two together

Item Parameter Item Parameter
Working grade of the mechanism A7 Lifting height of main and sub-hook 12m up the rail30m under the rail
Working grade of the mechanism M7 Travelling speed of bottom trolley 3-30m/min (Heavy load)4-45 m/min (Non- load)
Winch trolley l50T Main hook115T Sub-hook Motor power of bottom trolley 4 x 11kw
Main hook lifting capacity 50t Bottom trolley wheel 700
Lifting speed of main hook 1~11 m/min (Heavy load)2~2 m/min (Non-load) Applicable longitudinal slope and designed wheel pressure 0.3%, 320KN
Motor power of main hook llOkw Total weight 158t
Travelling speed of main hook 2-20m m/min (Heavy load)3~30m/min (Non- load) Total power 215kw
Power of winch travel motor 2x 5_5kw Span 24m (can change to 21 m, 18m)
Lifting capacity of sub-hook I5t Cantilever Effective 5m of both side (lifting capacity 50T
Lifting speed of sub-hook 2-20m m/min (Heavy load)1~11m/min (Non- load)

Project name: Metro Line 7 in Shenzhen province Model: ME50+ 15-24 (5 + 5)/12 (-30) A7
Job introduction: Used for the lifting and dumping the materials and residue in the foundation pit of the metro construction (use hook for segment, use derrick for slag bucket)

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