HM350T travel lift

HM350T travel lift

Travel Lift is non-standard customized equipment with self-power, multi-point lifting, full hydraulic transmission, the upper structure is “U” type connection frame to meet the different ship types (such as sailing) lifting demand. It is mainly used for boat’s launching, lifting inside plant, and it can conveniently and quickly lift, maintain and repair o f (he different boat or the transport work in the plant with very strong safety and reliability.

In the application of small capacity travel Lift will according to customer requirements and the environment, it can be designed electric driving mode.



Basic Info




1, Customized design according to the user’s requirements and working conditions.
2, Various steering modes, fast and accurate. equipped with auxiliary supporting cylinder to increase the life span of tyres.
3, The top beam and the cross beam is connected in rigidity and hinge structure allows to work on levels with even opposite slopes maintaining the loads on tires always the same.
4, There are designed with fixed and movable lifting point on the top beam, which can suit for hauling yachts in various length.
5, Hydraulic system for travelling, steering, and lifting, which is stable and steadily.
6, Remote controller, ensure a good sight view and easy for operation.
7, Safety protection system
8, This type is the biggest marine hoist in China.

Model NO.: HM350
Type: Travel Lift
Sling Type: Wire Rope
Main Girder Form: U Girder
Power Source: Hydraulic
Moving Type: Tires
Installation: Assembled
Certification: ISO9001: 2000
Lifting Capacity: 350t
Height: 12.5m
Wheel Base: 13m
Sling: 0.3m X 17m
Weight: 170 T

Details of the Key- parts
1, Travel system

There are 4 wheel groups, totally 8Nos. Industrial tyres, each wheel group include two wheels. The Two rear wheel group is all driving wheels. And the front wheel group is designed in one driven and one driving wheel. That is means this travelling system is include 6 driving tyres and 2 driven tyres.
2,Steering system

Designed with 4(four) independent steering units, each steering unit include the steering cylinder, bearing, the Electronic monitoring device and controlled by independent valve.
Each wheel group can steer within-10°~+95°. and the steering angle is detecting by the sensors. the steering style of the travel lift include the carousel( rotation on the central point on itself), in diagonal direction, straight, transverse, etc.
The auxiliary cylinder will jack up the wheel group when the wheel groups steering in carouse, which will reduce the tyre friction and increase the working life of the tyres.

3, Lifting system


The hoisting system include the hydraulic winch, pulley blocks, wire rope, lifting belt, fixed & movable lifting point, load sensors.

Main Parameters of HM350

Capacity 350t
Lifting height 15m
Lifting speed with heavy load 0-lm/min
Lifting speed with non-load 0-3m/min
Lifting sling Qty 16
Travelling speed 0-30m/min
Shaft span I8.5m
Span 18.2m
Shaft qty. 4
Tire qty. of each tire 2
Total tire quantity 8
Steering angle -10-95
Maximum slope with heavy load 4%
Tire model 27.00-49 TLS
Tire inflation pressure 8 bar
Temperature -20°C/+50BC
Generator power 230KW
Overall size (L x W x H) 31 x 17.5 x 15m
Weight About 200T

Series parameters

Model (rated load ) Net height Net Width Wheel span Generator Sling Weight  (For reference
HM15(15ton) 5.0m 4伽 5.0m Cummings/Deutz 0.2m x 7m 7ton
HM25(25ton) 5.5m 5.5m 5.0m Cummings/Deutz 0.2m x 8m 10ton
HM35(35ton) 5.5m 5.2m 5.5m Cummings/Deutz 0.2m >« 8m 12ton
HM50(50ton) 6.0 m 6.0m 6.5m Cummings/Deutz 0.3m x 9m 20ton
HM75(75ton) 7.0m 6.5m 7.0m Cummings/Deutz 0.3m x 9m 23ton
HM100{100ton) 8.5m 8.0m 9.0m Cummings/Deutz 0.3m x 13m 40ton
HM150(150ton) 9.0m 8.5m 10.0m Cummings/Deutz 0.3m x 13m 60ton
HM200(200ton) 9,5m 9,0m 12,0m Cummings/Deutz 0.3m x 17m 100ton
HM300{300ton) 12.0m 12.0m 13.0m Cummings/Deutz 0.3m x 17m 140ton
HM350(350ton) 12.5m 12.5m 13.0m Cummings/Deutz 0.3m x 17m 170ton

Boats handling and maintenance.

HM 350T Travel Lift(1) HM 350T Travel Lift(2) HM 350T Travel Lift(3)