YDTC-2400T Mobile Carrier

YDTC-2400T Mobile Carrier

Mobile trolley is the track type heavy duty mobile equipment which received a number of invention patents for HLCM, it is driven by motors and can continue travelling, can complete the jacking up and moving of heavy goods to the other place and then unloading. It has uniform bearing, low requirements for running; high efficiency moving; safety and reliability; convenient operation and repair and other features. It has been widely used in the movement and barging of various large heavy pieces (such as caisson, precast box beam, bridge pier, bridge pile cap, hull, construction, steel box girder and offshore work platform), in the future we will further develop the mobile trolley of the rubber tyre type and the hydraulic drive mode and trackless self-lifting slide car to accommodate wider use range and condition.

Basic Info.
Model NO.: YDTC-2400T
Type: Mobile carrier




1, Carrier’s latitudinal and longitudinal movement at curve
2, The same mobile carrier alternates on latitudinal and longitudinal movement.
3, Staggered erection of adjacent case beams.
4, Use a carrier to help precast work pieces on board the vessel directly in a latitudinal way.

Appearance size 1310mm x 1680mm x 1550mm
Trolley distance 800mm
Oil cylinder 800t x 4 (model: D80022)
Lifting height 220mm
Lifting speed 0-0.025m/min
Walking speed 0-1.6m/min
Rail and wheel Rail P50, ¢500 wheel, maximum wheel pressure 35.5t
Power of the whole machine 55kw
Weight of the whole machine 140t

Project name: Qingdao bay bridge project
Project address: Qingdao bay bridge projectsite in Shandong Province
Job profile: Complete the box beam lifting,shifting, delegating work in the beam field

Box beam data: single cell box girder:Length 60m x top width 17m x bottom width 6.6m x height 3.5m x each sidecantilever 4.1m, cross beam weight 1935t, side span beam weight 2020t