YDTC 3600t Caisson Mobile Carrier

YDTC 3600t Caisson Mobile Carrier

The huge caisson mobile carrier is improved from the mobile trolley with different working condition mainly used in the precast caisson dockyard to mainly service for moving the caisson from the base to Semi-submersible barge or transportation yard at the caisson precast yard of gravity type wharf. It contains the good features like, self-lift loading and unloading capacity, accurate position matching, steady travelling, safety fast and etc. On-line remote control, three floating support, display of pressure are available for the safety.

Model NO.: YDTC 3600T
Type: Mobile Trolley




Product Parameters:
Rated total load 3600t
Traverse speed 0-1.34m/min
Total width of single trolley ~1400mm
Total height of oil cylinder non-operation ≤628mm (with spacer)
Single trolley rail distance 800mm
Design of wheel pressure 35t
Wheel diameter φ500mm
Oil cylinder 100Tx28+60Txl2+I20Tx6
Oil cylinder stroke 100mm
Total equipment power 55kw
Rail Qul20rail
Weight of the whole machine 138t
Driving method Motor drive, Remote control. Button control

Caisson Data

Caisson Type Qty. LxWxL(m)
East l#-East2#CXl 28 pieces 33981 14.22×23.75×22
CX2 20 pieces 30461 18.52×19.7×18.2
CXI 25 pieces 29771 18.52×19.7×17.7
CX2 20 pieces 19231 lg.37×17.2×13.7

Project name: Fujian Putian Dongwu port area project Project address: Luoyu village, Dongpu County, Meizhou Bay North, Putian City, Fujian Province
Job profile: 93 pieces main large tonnage caisson movement and barging

Project name: Lianyungang Xuwei port300,000 ton waterway model vertical cylinder type foundation east break water engineering
Project outline: Lianyungang Xuwei port is located in the south wing of Lianyungang port, it is the coast between west of Liezikou and Xiaoding port and belongs to Lianyun District; engineering area status is the open coast, Xuwei port breakwater project has a total length of about 21.78km, including oblique wave type structure east break water engineering, vertical structure east breakwater engineering, west break water engineering as three projects. This project of vertical structure east breakwater engineering and slope type structure east breakwater engineering is at the junction of the inflection point of east breakwater with 517m to the south, and the full length is 4104.91m.
Job profile: Use the semi-submersible barge to transport 195 30 meters long, 20 meters wide, 11-25 meters high prefabricated barrel with single barrel body weight as 2410t-3116t to the dive pit to place, install and complete the platform structure construction.