JFP-Series, Intelligent Jacking Formwork Platform

JFP-Series, Intelligent Jacking Formwork Platform

With rapid development of social economy, high-rise building has become a symbol of building industry and a new name card of the city development. In these super high-rise buildings, mainly are frame-core tube structures. Core-tube structure normally use reinforced concrete structure, it can be seen as a carrier of the horizontal structure, it’s the mainline of the whole building structure construction, so the construction technique and method become the key of the structure construction. KATTOR JFP is a new platform which was developed for high-rise building core tube, use large oil cylinder as jacking power, for the building which have higher storey or have larger changes in core-tube, it’s adaptability is better; it provides bigger and enclosed operation space for construction work, and higher safety. It’s support location is low, and the construction speed is faster. At the moment, this type platform achieved good effects in Guangzhou Xita project and Shenzhen Jingji project, the comprehensive effect is outstanding, and it will be the preferred formwork construction technique for high-rise building in the future.



Working Principle




Safety & Reliability

Overall structure calculation: accurate calculation and analysis by finite element

Overall anti-falling device: all shoring cylinder system equipped with anti-falling device

Cylinder protection device: box girder anti-falling system, self-lock device on cylinder

Pressure monitoring device: according to calculation, equipped with digital control device of stress-strain monitoring

Horizontal force resistant device: considering the influence of wind load, designed special pathway for peripheral suspended truss

Totally-enclosed platform: ensure personal safety,  decrease the safety risk of secondary material transport


Good adaptability

Large load capacity: 400T load capacity of single cylinder

Easy to assembly, disassembly: bailey truss structure, modularized design

Elevator directly reach the platform: elevator can reach any storey according to requirement

Overall adduction, partial disassembly: when the core-tube structure changes, partial disassembly and adduction are available

It provides 2.5-4 operation layers: lifting stroke is 6m, provides more operation space for steel banding and concrete curing


Reasonable cost, High-efficiency and Environmental-protection

Light weight

Flexible cooperation mode

Fabricated bailey truss and modular design, reusable.

Decrease construction measure cost, save construction time

KATTOR JFP is composed of bailey truss platform system, suspension system and power shoring and jacking system.


1.Bailey truss platform system

jfp002    jfp003     jfp004

                   Truss platform                                 Top steel platform                          Middle steel platform



2.Suspension system

jfp005 楼层示意图(英文)

Suspension system is composed of upper pulley structure, standard suspension rack unit and formwork system.
The upper pulley structure is used to move the suspension rack inwardly when the outside wall of the core adducts.The standard suspension rack unit provides 7 layers operation platform outside the core and 6 layers inside, to finish following works: 1.decoration of layer Fn-1 which already finished concrete casting. 2. Set up and take away formworks of layer Fn which is standing by for casting. 3. Steel bar banding of layer Fn+1 and so on.

3.Power shoring and jacking system

jfp007  控制台_副本  Hydraulic power

Power shoring and jacking system comprises upper and lower shoring box girders, Jacking cylinder and shoring cylinder, Jacking stand column, Hydraulic power system and control system.
Upper and lower shoring box girders include standard segmental girder and nonstandard segmental girder. The standard segmental girder is equipped with cylinders to control the action of brackets, to realize shoring of the whole system. Jacking stand column and jacking cylinders are connected by flange, the jacking force pass to bailey truss platform system through stand column during jacking up process. Equipped with anti-falling system, the pawl sticks inside the trough and effectively prevents the whole system from falling in case of accidental cylinder slipping. Intelligent hydraulic power and control system uses closed-loop control, which set up displacement and pressure sensors, through computer control and hydraulic drive to achieve composite and sequential action, to meet the requirement of synchronous jacking accuracy of 1mm. Equipped with cameras in bracket position and stress-strain sensors in steel structure component, all of them controlled by central computer (human – machine alternation interface) to realize visual monitoring and measuring.

4.Long stroke, high capacity, double acting hydraulic cylinder

Double oil cavity design, realize double acting by oil pressure, stroke of main jacking cylinder up to 6m,large load capacity ,can afford side load up to 10% of rated load capacity. The cylinder is on the bottom of the operation platform, and it was synchronous controlled by control panel to realize stable lifting.


Product model and parameters of main cylinder


Load capacity(Ton)



Piston Dia.(mm)

Jacking speed(mm/min)







Product model and parameters of shoring cylinder


Load capacity(Ton)



Piston Dia.(mm)

Extend-retract speed(mm/min)








5.hydraulic and electric control system

Hydraulic control and electric control system are the two big control system of JFP.
Hydraulic control system is composed of pump station, switches and valves, hydraulic hoses, control panel control all switches and valves.

Electric control system realize real-time monitoring of operation platform through : weather signals collected by control panel, healthy structure signals of operation platform, signals of hydro-static level and angle gauge, working parameters of cylinder, signals of jacking synchronous status, video image and so on related information.

The operation platform can realize safety and stable jacking through a variety of control, meet the comprehensive performance requirements: windproof, anti-falling, deviation prevention and correction, synchronous jacking and so on.



KATTOR provides aluminum alloy formwork and steel formwork, compared with steel formwork, aluminum alloy formwork has advantage of light weight, assembly and disassembly more convenient. Reusable of modular structure.
Formwork adjustment technology is designed for high-rise building core-tube with structure, section area, shape changes, it can realize up-down adjustment of formwork.

Set reserved holes inside vertical structure, shoring box girder was bracing in the reserved holes by telescoping mechanism on both sides, steel stand column and hydraulic cylinder were connected to the up and down shoring box girder, the JFP’s lifting was realized by cylinder’s jacking and retraction. Jacking up one storey at one time, jacking up platform through steel stand column, and then jacking up the formworks and rack units.

Jacking process:

1.Initial status:
After previous jacking step, take away formworks and clean up.


2.Steel banding status:
Banding top layer’s steel, and also clean up the formworks.


3.Jacking status:
JFP jacking up, and the formwork raise one storey height together with JFP.


4.Concrete casting status:
Close formworks, concrete casting, lifting lower box girder, back to initial status




  Climbing formwork

  Lifting formwork

  Jacking formwork


Project interval

Waiting the concrete strength grow around one day



Jacking velocity

Climbing 5 to 10

times each storey

Lifting 3 times each

storey, and cost

around 6 hours

for each lifting

Jacking 1 time each

storey, and cost 2

hours for one jacking


Formwork transfer


Cost around 1 day



Set up formwork

Assembly formwork piece by piece,cost

around 1.5 days for each storey

Precise control of jacking,cost 7 hours for each storey


Formwork dismantle

Cost around 1 day

Doesn’t cost

construction time

Doesn’t cost

construction time


Hoisting and

transport of steel

bar,machines and


Hoisting and transport many batches, cost

around 4.5 days, large impact to other


Hoisting and transport

big batch,cost around

half day,small impact

to other processes.


High altitude refit

The structure is not

adaptive after transfer

Need to refit the


Doesn’t need refit



construction time

for each storey

6.5 days

5 days

2 days

China Zun (Z15) Tower



Z15 Tower is a super high-rise building located at the heart of CBD in Chaoyang District,Beijing,it will be the tallest building in Beijing.the west side of the project is opposite to Beijing international trade building(the tallest building at the moment),total height of the building is 528m, and planning to be the headquarter building of CITIC. The project start on 12th September,2011, the main structure will be completed at the end of 2016,and the whole project will be completed in 2018.It was invested by CITIC, and it’s estimated total investment reaches 24 billion RMB.


Z15 tower core construction adopts KATTOR JFP system.The main parts applied in this project are: tower crane supporting system,PLC control system and hydraulic control system.

Supporting system contains three supporting layers,on the 1st and 2nd supporting layers there are  supporting cylinders(100T),lateral wheels and telescopic cylinders(50T),on the 3rd layer use screw jacks(35T);Hydraulic control system and PLC control system provide powers and realize all cylinders synchronous actions,and also real-time monitor the load condition,all of them ensured the stability of tower crane during construction and jacking up process. The project construction time was greatly decreased by adopting KATTOR JFP system.





UpperHills apartment located at the north area of HOPSCA, it was composed of two building which heights are around 224.5m, it’s the 2nd tallest glass wall apartment building in Shenzhen, total covered area is 170,000㎡, 62 storeys,total of 639 units. The main refined decoration unit is 106-358㎡,a room to four room, few rough unit are 440-470㎡, there are totally 1400 carports in the parking garage.


UpperHills apartment core construction adopts KATTOR JFP system.The main parts applied in this project are the hydraulic jacking system.It was composed of main cylinders,telescopic cylinders,hydraulic pump stations and pipeline accessories. All cylinders working synchronously, to realize the lifting and lowering of the platform. Anti-falling and stress-strain monitoring system ensured the safety of all construction platform. Large capacity and long stroke cylinders realized construction efficiency of 3 days one storey,which greatly decreased the construction time of the project.