Incremental Launching Construction of Zhengzhou 107 Auxiliary Rd Project Successfully Completed

On the 6th day of National Holiday, with the last box-girder segment launched to position, the incremental launching work of Zhengzhou 107 Auxiliary Rd project successfully completed.

郑州107 02

Starting from Aug 9, KATTOR applied its most advanced Incremental Launching System (ILS) in this project. After two months’ hard-fought battle, we overcame an array of challenges, such as large span, load-carrying capability of pier #2, etc. Completion of the launching service lays sound foundation for later stage construction.

郑州107 03

Entire length of Zhengzhou 107 Auxiliary Rd project is around 20 km, with Beisi Ring Rd in the north and Nansi Ring Rd in the south. It is one of the critical projects to build smooth traffic in Zhengzhou, as well as the important road in well-shaped and ring-road traffic system. The whole project is expected to be finished in the August of 2017.


Post time: Oct-08-2016