Jointing Work of Longhu Inner Ring Road Crossing North Water Conduit Bridge Successfully Completed

On May 30th, with the last bar on steel beam being assembled in place, Longhu Inner Ring Road Crossing North Water Conduit Bridge successfully jointed together. The main contractor of this project is China Railway First Group Co., Ltd which has been awarded Class 1 qualification in bridge engineering field and specializes in the construction of various kinds of bridge, such as large span new type structure river-crossing or sea-crossing bridge, steel structure bridge and swivel bridge, etc.

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During this project, KATTOR mainly provided incremental launching and girder adjustment services. The whole construction process consists of two parts: firstly, adopt Intelligent Continuous Strand-jack System (CSS) to lift and transport the main beam from the bed assembly jig to launching platform, within which 3D Adjustment System (3DAS) was applied to adjust the beam in case of any deviation; Secondly, Incremental Launching System (ILS) was employed to carry out launching work. Due to scientific engineering plan and accurate control in practical work, KATTOR has perfectly realized construction requirements and won unanimous recognition from the client.

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Post time: May-31-2016