KATTOR Synchronous Lifting System (SLS) Applied on World’s Largest Sea-crossing Steel Truss Arch Bridge

Meishan Chunxiao Bridge stretches from the intersection between Dongliu and Dongba Rd in Yangshashan of Chunxiao County, to the crossroad between Yanhu Rd and Gangwan Rd of Meishan Island, with its whole length of 1.97 km and entire investment of CNY 1.17b. The bridge encompasses two levels, of which the upper level is designed as motorway and lower structure as bicycle lane and passageway. Meanwhile, the 336 meter-long main-span is the largest sea-crossing steel truss arch bridge worldwide.

Meishan Chunxiao 02_副本

KATTOR, estimated to participate in the construction of this project at the end of June, will offer technical service for the beam-lowering work of approaches in the water area, within which Synchronous Lifting System (SLS) will be applied and the construction duration will last three months.

Post time: Jun-22-2016