Technical Service for Chengdu Greenland Center Project Starts

Yesterday (Sep 27), with 32 anti-side cylinders and corresponding hydraulic equipments transported to project site, the technical service for Chengdu Greenland Center project, conducted by KATTOR, officially started.

The 468 meter-high Chengdu Greenland Center is a large-scale city complex project and planned construction period is 5 years. After completion, not only will it become the highest tower in Chengdu, but also the highest in western China, ranking 4th in China and 7th around the world.

Greenland 02

This project is contracted by China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd, which is a state-owned engineering enterprise with diversified business and collectivize operation. Additionally, it has been awarded an array of qualifications in the first batch nationwide, including general contractor for special engineering, class 1 general contractor and special qualification for housing engineering and construction, etc.

KATTOR will proffer anti-side cylinders and hydraulic systems applied in the jacking formwork and working platform. The whole installation work will be finished in middle October. With safety, high-efficiency, and quality being our service tenet, we will lay sound foundation for construction in later stage.


Post time: Sep-28-2016