Lowering Work of Steel Suspending Cofferdam in Building Shishou Yangtze River Bridge Officially Started

On May 10th, in order to lay foundation for the construction of tower bearing platform and lower tower column of pier Z5#, KATTOR officially started the lowering work of steel suspending cofferdam in building Shishou Yangtze River Bridge.




During construction process, KATTOR will deal with a series of difficulties, such as long lowering distance, fast flow of the river in wet season, hard to stabilize the whole cofferdam and too many hoist points, etc. In order to ensure construction quality and progress, KATTOR will apply Intelligent Continuous Strand-jack System (CSS) to realize precise control. The steel suspending cofferdam will be assembled on site. The first segment cofferdam is assembled on working platform, and then it will be lowered down to designed position with the control of KATTOR CSS. After that, the second and third segments are successively assembled and lowered to required place.



Post time: May-18-2016