Steel Cofferdam Lowering Project of Chongqing Zengjiayan Bridge was successfully completed by KATTOR

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December 30th 2016, The Chongqing Zengjiayan Bridge Steel Cofferdam Lowering project was successfully completed, this project is contracted by CSNEC and technical supporting by Kattor group.

Zengjiayan bridge was started at end of last year, plans to be completed in 2018. The whole length of the bridge is 5.51km, and the design speed is 50 km/h. Main Bridge is a three-span continuous steel truss bridge with a span of 135m + 270m + 135m. The bridge was approved by Chongqing Municipal Development as a PPP financing implementation, also is the secondary PPP demonstration projects in china.

The pier construction of double-wall steel cofferdam as a temporary retaining structure for dry construction, due to the heavy weight and large size of the double-walled steel cofferdam, the single point force is limited, so the key point of the technical service is how to make the steel cofferdam centralize smoothly.

After carefully study and examine the actual situation at the site by Kattor team, Kattor and CSNEC agreed on the adoption of intelligent synchronization control of the Lifting & Lowering System.The system consists of PLC control system, continuous lifting jack, hydraulic pump, high-strength steel strand and other components, which is characterized by its work of continuity and synchronization; The successful of this cofferdam lowering has been highly satisfied by CSNEC. Kattor group is working with a high sense of responsibility and continue to achieve more perfect works.

Post time: Jan-06-2017