Steel Cofferdam Lowering Work of Shanghehang Rail-road Bridge Starts

Steel cofferdam lowering work for pier 1# of Shanghehang Rail-road Bridge, conducted by KATTOR, starts this Tuesday (Aug 23).

With designing speed of 350 km/h, Shanghang Passenger Rail Line links three cities: Hangzhou, Hefei and Shangqiu. As the key-control project of this line, Shanghehang Rail-road Bridge is a vital component of river-crossing transport network in national planning Shanghehang Railway and Wuhu city roads

shanghehang 02

This bridge project is contracted by The 4th Engineering Company of MBEC which has Class 1 qualification in bridge engineering contracting and made enormous contribution to China’s bridge construction career since the completion of Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge more than 50 years ago, making it a powerful force in bridge construction field.

shanghehang 03

This 600T steel cofferdam, having an inner diameter of 28m and wall-thickness of 18mm, will be lowered down for 9.8m. Facing a series of challenges, such as long lowering distance, long-time load on jacks, complex water flow condition on Wuhu Yangtze River and other hard-to-control problems, KATTOR applies its Heavy Lifting and Lowering System (HLLS) with two sets of controlling system to realize synchronous moving and lowering.

Post time: Aug-23-2016