Sub-contraction Service of Taiyuan Shele Bridge Finished

On Oct 11, the sub-contraction part of KATTOR in Taiyuan Shele Bridge project finished successfully and smoothly. Shele Bridge is an important channel connecting the eastern and western regions of North Taiyuan, which is the 18th bridge spanning Fen River. The main bridge is a single-tower space plane reverse cable-stayed bridge, having four spans of 30+150+150+30=360m.

shele 02


KATTOR is responsible for the erection of steel box girder and linear control of bridge body. In order to ensure construction duration, KATTOR technicians adopted scaffolding assembling at both sides and gliding to the bearing cap of main tower. Through this kind construction method, after two months’ hard work, we successfully completed the technical service for this bridge project. And our client has thought highly of the performance of our Intelligent Continuous Strand-jack System (CSS) and Synchronous Lifting System (SLS).

shele 03


Post time: Oct-12-2016