The Steel Truss Girder of Chengdu-Guizhou Railway Wutong Minjiang Oversize Bridge Successfully Jointed Together

On the morning of June 1st, the steel truss girder of Chengdu-Guizhou Railway Wutong Minjiang Oversize Bridge was successfully jointed together, with the last bar being hoisted and assembled in place, symbolizing the completion of steel truss girder installation and laying foundation for finish of this railway project, which is contracted by the Fortune Global 500 company, China Tiesiju Civil Engineering Group.

五通 03


KATTOR, in this project, provided the bridge linear control service during hoisting assembly of the steel truss girder and applied its Synchronous Lifting System (SLS). The closure work of main steel beam plays an vital role in the success of this project as a result of following challenges:

1) high risks existing in the large cantilever assembly of steel beams which is conducted above water and of great height;

2) great technical difficulties in bridge linear control;

3) temporary piers cannot be set due to navigation requirement;

4) too many bars needed to close and strict requirement on synchronicity

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Variable lower chord truss structure is adopted in this bridge for the first time in China, which successfully filled the technical gap in the construction of large span steel truss bridge with variable lower chord truss structure.

Post time: Jun-02-2016