Warmly Congratulate the Successful Lowering of Steel Cofferdam by KATTOR in Building Wuhan Qingshan Yangtze River Bridge

On May 6th, KATTOR successfully carried out the steel cofferdam lowering work of construction segment #2 in Qingshan Yangtze River Bridge. This double-wall steel boxed cofferdam was controlled by KATTOR Continuous Strand-jack System (CSS) including 8 sets of controlling system and 32 sets of hollow cylinders. Within this CSS system, one set of main control system was connected with other 7 sets and each system controls 4 sets of cylinders so as to realize synchronous lowering of 32 points. Total lowering distance is around 18m.

Qingshan 01


What’s worth to mention, following the first cofferdam lowering completed in April in construction segment #1, this is another success of significant importance which embodies the unparalleled high-quality construction, reliable technology and management of KATTOR in cofferdam lowering process. KATTOR will continue to implement its stringent standards in quality, safety, cost and environmental-friendliness, in an effort to contribute to Qingshan bridge project that benefits the livelihood of people as much as possible.


Qingshan 02



Post time: May-08-2016