Our Service

  • Bridge Construction Solutions

1. Incremental launching bridge — Precast beam launching by Incremental launching system, In situ construction beam launching by strand jack system;

2. Beam erection — Segmental /span-by-span erection with launching gantry, Balanced cantilever erection with derrick crane;

3. Heavy lifting — Steel cofferdam lifting/ lowering by synchronous lifting system, heavy-duty lifting by winches or gantry crane;

4. Precast beam or heavy structure turning, positioning, adjustment by hydraulic cylinders;

5. Bridge maintenance and repair work — Hydraulic cylinder;

6. Pre-stressed tensioning — Post tensioning by hollow hydraulic cylinder system and intelligent cycle grouting system;

7. Heavy transport — Precast beam /pier and steel structure transported by heavy-duty transporter.

  • High-rise Core Construction

Intelligent jacking forming and working platform.

  • Heavy Industrial Applications

High pressure hydraulic cylinders.

  • Pile Foundation Equipments for Civil Works

1. Vibratory hammer;

2. Hydraulic drilling machine;

3. Heavy–duty equipment lease.



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