Hydraulic vibratory hammer

Hydraulic vibratory hammer

Yong’an hydraulic vibratory hammer includes 6 main models, with eccentric momentum ranging from 23 kgm to 226 kgm, and centrifugal force varying form 845 KN to 4853 KN. This series hammer is equipped with Rexroth motors, quality eccentric and elastomers which ensure longer lifespan and trouble-free operation. Customization is available according to practical working condition.

With respect to application scope, this series vibratory hammer has been extensively applied in driving and extracting sheeting pile, casing pile, H beam and precast pile, etc. This product is especially suitable for offshore works, in which the hammer can reach required depth and fit for underwater operation.

Wide range of clamps are available for sheet pile, caisson, H beam and precast beam, etc. Strong structure and powerful cylinder make clamping operation more safe and stable. Checking valve is equipped to keep the cylinder pressurized in case of hose damage.


Application scope

Common-used types

YZ Series technical sheet


Quality hydraulic hose and organized layout
Adopting quality Easton or Manull hoses; distribution manifold ensures organized arrangement of the hoses, not easy to be damaged

Hydraulic oil is designed to go through steel structures so that it can be cooled rapidly, and slow down temperature rise of gear box

Germany-imported bearing
Germany-imported FAG bearings remarkably improve the performance and prolong lifespan

Flexible design for noise absorption
The room for noise absorption elastomers, which can be added or taken down according to working condition, is reserved in shock suppressor

Efficient lubrication system
Both forcing type and splashing type lubrication are adopted to improve lubrication effect; Meanwhile, slow down the temperature rise of lubricating oil with a bigger oil container

Solid clamps
Clamps are made of high-strength alloy steel and equipped with locking cylinders to improve performance and safety.

Yong’an vibratory hammer has been extensively applied in driving and extracting sheeting pile, casing pile, H beam and precast pile, etc.

In addition, this series product is especially suitable for offshore works, in which the hammer can reach required depth and fit for underwater operation.

YZ-180 Hydraulic vibratory hammer - HAMMER

 YZ-1801 YZ-180 hydraulic vibratory hammer could be used to drive many types and sizes of piles, such as sheet piles, casing piles, concrete piles, H beam and so on.It works with 700P power pack, YZJ200 standard clamp or YZJ80DC double clampName: Zhangjiagang Free Trade Tone (FTZ) Yangtze River International PortLocation: Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu ProvinceProject profile:YZ-180 Hydraulic vibratory hammer was applied in the renovation project of Zhangjiagang Free Trade Tone (FTZ) Yangtze River International Port. The hammer was used to drive inclined pipe piles.Geology situation: sandy soil, clay and pebble stone layerConstruction situation: Diameter of pipe piles is 1m, length is 47m, wall thickness is 16mm; driving depth is 35m.Applied products: YZ-180 Hydraulic vibratory hammer    Quantity: 1 set
 YZ-180 fitings 01 Pile ClampYZ-180 fittings 02 Double ClampYZ-180 fittings 03 700P Power Pack
Vibrator :
Eccentric Moment(Kgm) : 55
Max frequency(rpm) : 1700
Centriifugal force(kN) : 1800
Max line pull(kN) : 800/1200
Max Amplitude(mm) : 32
Max oil flow(L/min) : 600
Weight(kg) : 7200
Size(mm) : 2830*585*2170
Power pack :
Engine Type : Caterpillar C15
Max power(KW/HP) : 433/590
Working pressure(bar) : 350
Size L*W*H(mm): 4350*1800*2300


YZ-400×2 Tandem Hydraulic vibro hammer - HAMMER

 hammer003 YZ-400×2 Tandem hydraulic hammer composed two sets of YZ-400, performs double powerful driving force. The Tandem model specially suitable for big steel pipe driving projects.
Vibrator :
Eccentric Moment(Kgm) : 226
Max frequency(rpm) : 1400
Centriifugal force(kN) : 4185 x 2
Max line pull(kN) : 2500 x 2
Max Amplitude(mm) : 40
Max oil flow(L/min) : 1500
Weight(kg) : 36500
Size(mm) : 2650*2800*4280
Power pack :
Engine Type : CAT C18*2 x 2
Max power(KW/HP) : 2284/3108
Working pressure(bar) : 350
Size L*W*H(mm): 5400*2350*2700 x2


Item Parameter YZ70 YZ130 YZ180 YZ230 YZ300 YZ400
Hydraulic vibratory hammer Eccentric Moment(kgm) 23 46 55 85 130 226
Max Frequency(rpm) 1700 1600 1700 1600 1600 1400
Centrifugal force(kN) 650 1300 1800 2300 3000 4185
Max Centrifugal force(kN) 845 1690 2340 2990 3700 4853
Max Line Pull(kN) 400 800/1200 800/1200 1200 2000 2500
Max Amplitude(mm) 22 28 32 31 37 40
Max Oil-flow (L/min) 360 600 600 900 16000 1500
Size W/O clamp(mm) 2417*685*2015 2390*893*2640 2830*585*2170 2350*1130*3800 2650*1135*4270 2650*1280*4280
Total Weight (kg) 5000 8100 7200 13000 16000 18000
Item Parameter 400P 600P 700P 1000P 1200P 1400P
Power Pack Engine Type Cummins CAT C15 CAT C15 CAT C18 CAT C15*2 CAT 3512
Max Power (KW/HP) 265/360 403/548 433/590 571/777 866/1160 1075/1462
Max frequency(rpm) 2200 2100 2100 2100 2100 1800
Working Pressure(bar) 350 350 350 350 350 350
Max Oil-flow (L/min) 400 610 680 1150 1200 1400
Weight (kg) 5800 7800 7800 8500 14500 10500
Size L*W*H (mm) 3900*1550*2050 4350*1800*2300 4350*1850*2300 4550*1800*2400 5400*2350*2700 5000*2200*2500