GPS-10 drilling rig

GPS-10 drilling rig

In order to minimize customer use-cost,our company produced GPS series drilling rig. Based on the advantages of original engineering drilling rig, we made innovate the optimization design, adopted advanced manufacturing technology, ensure that the GPS series drilling rig have higher cost performance compare similar products in the market.
GPS10S drilling rig is widely applied in drilling construction of high-rise buildings, ports,dam,bridges and water well, and won high reputations among customers. The main models are GPS10,GPS15,GPS18,GPS20.




1.the rotary table has six speed, improve the construction efficiency.
2.the rotary table drive drill pipe through shifting rod, convenient operation, safety and greatly reduce the labor intensity.
3.the main and auxiliary hoist adopts planetary gear structure, convenient operation and reliable.
4.use round drill pipe, reduce the auxiliary operation time.
5.equipped with gravel pump set (pump-suction reverse circulation), can transfer to reverse circulation drilling according to requirements,and can also matched with air-lift reverse circulation drilling tools for deep hole drilling.

Product type: GPS-10

Maximum drilling diameter (M) 1
Maximum drilling depth (M) 50
Main and auxiliary hoisting single rope hoisting force (KN) 30
Power head rotational speed and torque (RPM) Positive and negative50、88、158
(KN·M) 6.5
Drill pipe specification (mm) Ф89*4300
Power KW 30/37
Machine size (M) 5*2.3*11.35
Machine weight (T) 7

Construction with pump-suction reverse circulation or air-lift reverse circulation is available


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