GPS-10S drilling rig

GPS-10S drilling rig

In order to minimize customer use-cost,our company produced GPS series drilling rig. Based on the advantages of original engineering drilling rig, we made innovate the optimization design, adopted advanced manufacturing technology, ensure that the GPS series drilling rig have higher cost performance compare similar products in the market.
GPS10S drilling rig is an assembled rotary table drilling rig, which is suitable for drilling construction of high-rise buildings, bridges, ports and large diameter water well, and can also be used for other engineering construction.




1, the maximum drilling diameter is 1000 mm, drilling depth is 50 meters.
2, the rig use mechanical transmission, convenient operation, reliable.
3, the whole set of equipment installed on the skid type base, and is equipped with hydraulic jack, simple emplacement, strong mobility, large diameter drilling tool is flexible and convenient to disassemble.
4, the output speed of rotary table divided into seven gear, six speed,user choose the suitable gear according to different stratum.
5, gearbox adopts helical gear,big contact area of tooth surface, long service life, greatly improved the torque.
6, the slag discharge mode is normal circulation, high efficiency.

Product model: GPS-10S

Maximum drilling diameter (M) 1
Maximum drilling depth (M) 50
Main and auxiliary hoisting single rope hoisting force (KN) 30
Power head rotational speed and torque (RPM) 32,54,94,143,197,256Anti 32
(KN·M) 8
Machine size (M) 5*2.5*10.9
Power (KW) 30/37
Tower rated load KN 180
Effective height of drilling rig M 10.5
Machine weight (T) 6.47

Construction with pump-suction reverse circulation or air-lift reverse circulation is available


Construction site of Ningbo Longhu Yanlan coast project