ZJD5000/450 Full Hydraulic Drilling Rig – RC Drilling

ZJD5000/450 Full Hydraulic Drilling Rig – RC Drilling

RCD Machine is a large bored equipment of soil foundation works for bridges, high-rise and metro construction. the vertical excavation work by means of the full hydraulic power swivel with rotary bits.

Drill string with special drill bit is used for drilling in the borehole, and the sand-stone and mud are flushed out through the drill pipe rods by the pressure difference in the hole.

ZJD5000/450 full hydraulic drilling rig has intelligent operating system, dual mode operation system with wireless control, equipment operating parameters were showed real-timely, real-time storage of construction data, equipped with multipoint video system, GPS positioning, configuration and function of GPRS real-time remote monitoring,fault diagnosis and so on.





1.The maximum drilling diameter and depth are 5.0M and 200M, the biggest embedded rock strength can reach 200MPA.
2, High efficiency and energy saving, full hydraulic stepless speed change, reliable and stable transmission performance.
3, Large torque, large lifting force, especially suitable for complicated stratum such as gravel, hard rock etc.
4, The suspension tiltable power head and tiltable frame with compact and reasonable structure, easy to assembly and disassembly.
5, Large diameter drill pipe, using high-pressure gas lift seal device and advanced RCD method.
6, Optional additional weight to increase pressure in hole bottom, ensure the verticality of the hole.
7, Optional stabilizer to assist drilling, effectively control the verticality and hole diameter precision, reduce drilling tool wear.
8, Simple operation, low maintenance cost, comfortable environment of operation room, optional installation of temperature adjusting device.
9. High cost efficiency. the overall drilling costs can actually be reduced by up to 40% when using RCD, safety and requires fewer man hours, requires less water than other method.
10. Easy to collect samples. Any depth of the sample will help to study and analysis of geological condition.


Scope of Application

Mainly used for drilling construction of pile foundation and vertical well with large diameter and depth in complex geology.
Widely applied in drilling construction of large building on land, port and pier, river levee protection,and river, lake, sea bridge pile foundation, and it’s the preferred model of ultra-large diameter pile foundation construction.

Product model: ZJD5000/450

Serial number Description Unit Parameter
1 rock strength Mpa бC=200Mpa φ5.0m
Max. Drilling diameter M 5
2 Speed/Torque RPM 0-13
T•M(28Mpa) 25
RPM 0-6
T•M(28Mpa) 45
3 bottom of hole drilling pressure T 158
4 Max.Drilling depth M 200
5 Max.Lifting force T(25Mpa) 350
6 bearing capacity of orifice plate 300
7 Drilling Tool φ559*22-φ351*14*3500 High neck flange double wall drill pipeQ390D
8 Total Power kw 355
9 Dimension M 10*7.1*11
10 Working Dimension M 14*7.1*7.6
11 Power supply 3PH-380V AC-50HZ
12 Frame Inclining DEG 25
13 Power head Inclining DEG 58
14 Drill pipe crane T 5
15 Driling system Automatic drilling + constant pressure drilling
16 Hydraulic power KW 3*110+1*15
17 Hydraulic system Pressure Mpa MAIN28Mpa AID16MPA
18 Power head Stroke M 4.2
19 Total Weight T 92


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