Intelligent 3D Adjustment System and Incremental Launching System Applied in Luzhou Tuo river No.4 Bridge

  • Location:Luzhou, Sichuan
  • Project profile:

    Tuo river No.4 bridge and its connection project in Luzhou City,start from road of Jiucheng Avenue to Luzhou west (Mawuji interchange),stop at Shu Lu overpass,the total length is 3.815 km,it’s an urban expressway. The whole line contains a river-crossing bridge with 729m long,3 mainline viaduct(No.3 road bridge span Kejiao City,Railway bridge span Longxu,Shu Lu overpass bridge),and an interchange(Mawuji interchange) which include 6 bridge and one vehicle tunnel,4 pedestrian bridge,4 pedestrian tunnel. This project road was designed as a urban expressway, the designed speed is 60km/h, the standard roadway width is 50m,the recent planning of mainline is bi-directional 8-lane,included reserved rail channel.

  • Challenge:

    Incremental launching construction of main bridge steel box girder.

  • Solution:

    Adopt intelligent ILS which is self-developed by KATTOR,implement incremental launching for steel girder and make it reach the designed position.

    Before incremental launching for main girder,also need to consider the position alignment of girder segment during assembly, so also adopt intelligent 3DAS which self-developed by KATTOR to ensure this.

  • Products:Intelligent 3D Adjustment System(3DAS), Incremental Launching system (ILS)
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