Intelligent Continuous Strand-jack System Applied in Wuhan Qingshan Yangtze River Bridge

  • Location:Wuhan, Hubei
  • Project profile:

    Wuhan Qingshan Yangtze river bridge is the eleventh Yangtze river bridge,old name is Wuhu Yangtze river bridge,it’s an important channel of 4th ring road that cross Yangtze’s about 1 km from the south bank of bridge to lower reaches of WISCO trading port, the north bank reaches to the middle of Hualou Street and Shakou village,close to Huangpi District.

    The bridge adopts two-way eight-lane expressway, designed speed is 100km/h,the whole line are bridges, and the roadway width is 41m to 46m, no service area,toll-gate,administration center and so on,no interchanges area, the total estimate investment is 5.148 billion RMB.

  • Challenge:

    Lowering steel cofferdam of main bridge main pier pile cap,synchronous control 8 point 32 jack.

  • Solution:

    Adopt intelligent CSS which is self-developed by KATTOR, make steel cofferdam rapid implantation and reach the designed position.

  • Products:KATTOR Intelligent Continuous Strand-jack System (CSS)
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