Kattor Intelligent Pre-stressed Tensioning System Applied in Longhu Inner Ring Road Crossing North Water Conduit Bridge

  • Location:Zhengzhou City, Henan Province
  • Solution:

    In order to speed up the construction progress, The project uses Precast pre-stressed concrete girder for approach bridge, Kattor provided solution for the girders building. To ensure the thinner concrete sections and longer spans between supports but with stable physical properties. The process including following:
        Selection of design parameters in mainframe, including average pre-compression, post tension force, effective force,
        Calculation of balanced loads, lateral forced from continuous tendons, lateral force from terminated tendons.
        Set Kattor PTS Series machines ( Intelligent pre-stressed tensioning system).
        Pre-testing and adjustment of load balanced,
        Re-calculation of design parameters base on balanced Loads and get final program.
        Batch production.

  • Products:PTS System
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